Saturday, February 17, 2007

Time for my annual infrequent blog post...haha.

First off I proudly celebrated my son's first birthday on Feb 15 *day after VDay..awesome huh?* I made him the most bitchin' cookie monster cake ever. Pictures will be posted when I get around too it lol. He is growing more amazing with each passing day and as I said I couldn't be more proud.

Secondly, I am totally in love with my bed right now. I got this wicked new memory foam topper thing and new pillows and fleece sheets that aren't too hot and super soft. It is THE most wonderfully comfy bed. You could sleep for days, which I would if I had the time. Seriously I want people to sleep in my bed..preferably people I knew other wise that would be awkward lol. But it is not a booty bed. See the booty bed is my old bed, with the slope in the middle *for premium ass positioning* and with the leopard print sheets. This bed is all about snoozin. Although no offer for sex in this bed would probably be turned down. :)

Third and last on my agenda

Britney.... Damn girl.

You know as much as I have hacked on this woman I can't help but feel a bit of pity for her. At her current state I can see nothing but tragic things for her and as a fellow mom..its really most tragic for the children.

This is going beyond forgetting your panties in public,the shaved head, the supposed orgies. There is a very sad,jaded,lost woman out there and everyone is salivating for the moment when she finally self destructs. Only then will people love and embrace her and like Anna Nicole Smith, it will be a moment too late.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Last night I stood out in the street
watching snowflakes fall upon my feet
I realized then I was alone
as my family slept inside my home
I wondered whats become of me
as I looked up to the sky
looking for an answer
to appear before my eyes
As I waited there
I knew no sign would come
I slowly became colder
until my body became numb
I returned inside my little home
and felt a hopeless space
until I checked in on my little one
and saw the look upon his face
So peaceful as he lay there
lost inside his dreams
suddenly I had my sign
it was all so clear to me
I might not have all that I want
but I want all that I have
And as long as he lay breathing
life can't surely be that bad.

If cheese whiz adds personality
you'd better eat the jar
because you need all the help you can get
with a downer like you are
If you hate who you are and what you do
I suggest you take a pill
or go jump of the highest bridge
it might give you a thrill
I don't mean to sound so harsh
but I can't figure out why
you have so much to be thankfull for
but yet you sit around and cry
So what goes around comes around
and when it comes down to the end
just remember these simple words from me
~You Get What you Put In~

Monday, January 29, 2007

Uhm...okie dokie then blogger.

I had written a big post yesterday and it posted and now its gone. Wtf?

I hope this post makes it up cuz if it doesn't I'm gonna kick some blogger anus.

you can tell I mean business when I say anus and not just ass.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

just to make you smile..a little

Monday, January 22, 2007

The last couple days have been really long for me. My dad just got a new job and is away on a training course and my mom works till 3 so its just been me and the little guy. It seems like the older he gets the more crazy it is lol. He's so wild and just gets into everything..seriously we have locks on half the cabinets. Also like a typical boy he loves to get dirty..luckily for me he likes baths! He's awesome though, so freaking happy. Most of the time he just giggles and smiles. Even when he's getting into trouble haha.. which is sometimes a problem because even when I yell at him he just blows me off and giggles and then its hard to stay mad because he starts being a suck up. *sigh* learning from the best I guess haha.

I've been trying super hard to eat better lately and have been doing a pretty good job but I'm just surprised because I thought I would have more energy but it almost feels like I have less. I'm also craving fat and sugar. I've been taking more vitamins and I got these vitamins that are supposed to help with weight loss. As for activity the weather here sucks major ass as we have winds that could blow you back to I've been going up and down our stairs alot,dancing with Cash *which is like dancing while holding a 25 pound ball* and just trying to move around a lot more. Pretty much anything I can do to try and loose a few pounds.

I'm also working on my mind lately as well. I've been trying to stick to my resolution of reading more and learing about things going on in the world. I HATE reading the local paper because most of it is about all the little punks in this city getting busted for various things. I try to keep up on world events,politics,weather ect. Also just researching random things. The other day I looked up and read about the Easter Islands. It was wicked fascinating and I was surprised by how much it parallels modern western life. Oh and how religion needs to be stopped lol. Just kidding....sorta.

Anywho I've got to decide what I'm making for supper *I've taken over doing it because nobody else seems to or else we just get like..cereal lol.*

peace out

Friday, January 19, 2007

My computer is finally fixed..again.

I've been busy lately.. I've even gone out! With boys! that aren't gay or good friends. Neat-o isn't it!?

Its nothing interesting yet just a few coffee/dinner/movie type things. I'm not looking for a serious relationship right now.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Well today was an average day, work,baby ect...

Although one thing did irritate me just a tad.

This guy that I met ages ago back in my waitressing days *when I was a way more flirty...okay I was a tart lol* I gave him my # and he called me a few times but I kinda blew him off because he wasn't really my type and I'm fickle like that. Well I've seen him a few times over the past couple years and I've always been pleasant, making small talk for a few minutes that kind of thing and everytime I talk to him he makes sure to mention how good his job is, how nice his place is,how much cash he makes ect.

Same old story today, comes in and first off says to me " Oh your still working here?!" Uhm yeah I've only been at my current job for not even a year because I was off about 5 months..having a baby will do that to ya.

Then he goes on to tell me about the job he's at now and how he's making all this money and getting these huge bonuses and how his gf just goes shopping all day on his dime yada yada yada. And then in the next breath he drops the hint that he wishes somedays he could be single and date around and looks at me like I'm going to drop to my knees and blow him for a chance. LOL no....

Seriously there is almost nothing *besides cheating* that I find more unappealing and pathetic than a guy who has to compensate his rejection by talking himself up and trying to make me feel guilty. Why do men do that?! Honestly that has happend to me a few times. I've hooked up with a guy or two just casually and I've cut them loose for whatever reason and I've never been a bitch about it but the next time I see them they are running their mouths trying to make me jealous. Its really lame.